Emma & Carlos met online, not on a dating App, as neither was looking for a partner at the time. Carlos in Canada, and Emma in Germany were practicing meditation at the very same time, his evening, her morning. This app, Insight Timer ™, let them know of this fact, but most importantly, it allowed them to send a message… “Thank you for meditating with me” at the end of the session. This is how it all started…

UsOPTEmma began her meditation practice over 30 years ago, she is a certified MBSR trainer (mindfulness based stress reduction) and a trained teacher for Mindful Self compassion (MSC).

For the past 15 years she has taught mindfulness and self-compassion courses, coached individuals and run workshops in her own practice in Munich/ Germany (Practice for Mindful Living) and at various public Organizations and private Corporations.

In 2018, she became, along with Carlos, a certified Shinrin Yoku practitioner in England. She is a co-designer and guide of our Forest Therapy program in Europe.

Carlos is an entrepreneur of many decades, in Canada he had his own information systems company for almost 20 years, in Argentina he grew up in an entrepreneurial family with Italian roots. His childhood took place in the countryside, surrounded by their own vineyards and next to the family’s winery.

He’s one of those multi-talented persons. Private pilot at 16 years of age, commercial pilot at 20, flew for an air ambulance service in Argentina. Worked in mining in Patagonia, and in a civil engineering firm. After moving to Canada he continued with his healthcare passion working in a Hospital in Toronto, a couple of years later, to his surprise, he became a computer guru in a large payroll service company, also in Toronto where he found an unexpected professional success in just 3 years due to his achievements in Information Systems for the firm. He later moved to western Canada to raise a family.

One day, almost two decades later, once again on his own, Information Technology and cybersecurity got old. He found his way back to his spirituality which was so present in his youth. Meditation made its appearance and a transformation began.

Then, he met Emma, a stranger at the time, who was meditating across the globe with him…