When I got to the hotel, near the Hamamatsuchō Monorail Terminal, I got my first big surprise, the Reception desk staff were fully functional, life-size ROBOTS!!

In any rate, once I scanned my Passport, this machine, next to the robot, delivered the card that was my room key, got a couple of instructions from the “guy” on the left and away I went to my room. Pretty smooth and very impressive.

The room was “Tokyo size” where the TV screen is relatively speaking disproportionally large. One thing I was really impressed, which lasted for the rest of the trip, was the hi-tech toilets the Japanese have. Not only warmed seats, but an electronic panel to “drive” the thing and all its functions.

I went out for dinner to a nearby, typical tiny restaurant, with great service and even better food. Of course, I had to try the famous Japanese beef, I found me this little place where they have a gas BBQ for each table, they bring you the beef in 5 mm thick slices and you cook it yourself. Superb! With some Sake of course. That was my welcome to Japan….

Next.. The Shinrin Yoku adventures begin!


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