Here we are, at Gli Orti di Bertin, near Campo Ligure, Italy. This is the venue for our next Shinrin-yoku retreat the last week of May. We came to finalize the last few details and mark the trails we’ll be using during our 7 days in this beautiful land.

Today we walked along the river Gorzente which will be one of our trails in May. This conservation area is located at about 20 minutes from here, cr20190424_122130.jpgossing to the province of Alessandria in Piemonte. Everything was just bursting with that new “baby” green and multicolour flowers were making themselves shown… This park is called Parco di Capanne di Marcarolo in the extensive protected area of the Piedmont Apennines.

At this time of the year, the river swells due to melting snow and the rain that has been falling the last few days. Most of the path that we walked was in fact flooded by the small natural springs coming down with much more water than usual. It’s all part of the annual cycle, increased water supply to the increased demand as everything is blooming and bursting with life.

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