What an amazing September!

Our Mindfulness in Nature and Forest Therapy retreat in Scotland was full of magic. Strangers who became family in just a few days. We all became so enriched by nature, mindfulness and the deep connection that we all have to this one place. A place filled with tolerance, compassion and the common ground that unites us, that makes us all one.

Our true nature is lured out of us by the invisible thread that connects us all, all we need is to jump out of the hamster wheel for a while, pause, look around with the eyes of the soul and be open to seeing past the masks and self-imposed facades. A deep re-connection with nature facilitates this change back to our true selves because it’s our home, and there is no need to pretend when we are home.

We plan our retreats with a lot of heart vision, yet we continue to be surprised by the magical connections among our participants and the instant miraculous dynamics spontaneously created within minutes. We bring people from different parts of the world together, and by the time we are done, just a few days, lifelong friendships flourish. This is our most desired wish in doing what we do. It warms my heart to see these mysterious works and makes me proud and so very grateful for being a small part in them.

Good food for the body and the soul. Lots of fun in our excursions and also moments of reflection and solitude.

Looking forward to our next one. We hope you can join us!

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