Spring is still springing, birds are still building nests, new growth is showing everywhere, in peace and calmness.

In moments like right now, we need nature even more. It helps us get through crises like the one happening to most humans on earth right now, not by ignoring, looking the other way and pretending it isn’t happening, but by feeling the support of nature, that we belong to it, that we are not alone.

We have plenty of science proving why nature and forests especially are good for us, but not as an external resource which we should use as a remedy, but more like what we feel in our homes, in our mother’s arms. It is our support system because we are part of it, we belong together.
When there is a threat in a forest, trees quietly and inconspicuously react and help each member no matter the species. Natural mechanisms kick in to protect the whole. Trees don’t turn against each other, they do not compete, they collaborate. There is so much for us humans to learn from forests and nature in general. Trees practice “social distancing” as part of their nature, yet they are connected underground by roots and a vast network of, in common terms, mushroom mycelium, using it to send to other members of the forest, elements like carbon or nitrogen that are needed for their immediate survival and other natural elements for their long-term wellbeing.

No show of force necessary for this to occur. It’s just the nature of nature. We humans should remember where we come from, that we are part of that nature.


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