Hi everyone, we are finally getting very close to the beginning of a new era on how to reach out to you all. These unprecedented circumstances have led us to turn up our creativity to find new ways of sharing what we have in us for you all.

Our Shinrin-yoku and Forest Therapy programs need, of course, one main ingredient, which is, being there within nature. During these times of social distancing we can’t host groups in person, so the next best thing is using our imagination and promote “being there” in mind. The brain, at times, does not differentiate between reality and imagination, if you truly feel being in a certain place. All of us, that at some point have been immersed in nature, may have a large “library” of memories that we can recall and play in our heads. If we do this in a meditative state, the imagined becomes reality to our body. Of course, no Phytoncides or any of the other wonderful natural substances found in the forest will be present, but as we said, this, we hope, is the next best thing.

We have done some trials on live, interactive, on-line presentations with our German followers and have fortunately received great feedback. Emma has put together a set of “Nature Focused Guided Meditations” with natural visual input. Next is to start scheduling some sessions in English for our international crowd, where both of us will host.

We are also making videos by our own production in our nearby forest to share with you all. These videos will have exercises which are normally part of our Shinrin-yoku program, and many of you who have already participated in our retreats will recognize and re-live.

This is our first video, “What’s in Motion”, of the Shinrin-yoku series.

Play in HD full screen when possible…. enjoy!

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