As many of you may know, we and a group of 10 lucky people would be in Japan right now, enjoying our scheduled “Mindfulness in Nature & Forest Therapy Retreat” in Nagano, Japan. The birthplace of Shinrin-yoku.

Obviously, due to the current situation we were forced to reschedule our retreat for next year (more info here)

We thought that it would be fun to invite you all to travel to Japan anyway, virtually of course.

I will take you to all the places I visited exactly two years ago, when I travelled to Japan to plan out our retreat.
I will give you my first-time visitor prospective, very useful tips I learned along the way, and to top it all up, the amazing things I learned about this beautiful place, its amazing culture and extremely helpful and empathic people.

Let’s get going!

So, we are at the airport, waiting by the gate. So much excitement has accumulated that we are very ready to endure the 12-hour, overnight flight we’re about to embark on. The experience will start early as we are flying with a Japanese airline. It will be a great opportunity to get a taste of the Japanese hospitality before arriving in Tokyo.

First thing I notice is that we’re flying in a B787 Dreamliner, which I personally consider as my favorite plane for long distance flights, as it is full of comfort and very modern features, like the “shadeless” windows, as they just gradually darken by the touch of a button. Secondly, I realized that I picked a great seat, lots of legroom and so close to the washroom.

Ok… Japan, here we come!!!

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