Our trip to Japan series

ShrineForestNara Now that we’re back, after editing and finishing the post production work on our media (500+ photos), we’ll be busy creating posts to share the Shinrin Yoku adventures, and the cultural tours we did in the beautiful land of Japan.
Universe Mindfulness

Japan, here we come!

On October 17, 2018 I am embarking on a trip to Japan to explore and experience the places where Shinrin Yoku was born. The Forest Therapy Bases where two decades of research have taken place, providing such wealth of information on the many physiological benefits provided by this practice. The excitement is unmeasurable! And the huge bonus is that I will have the amazing opportunity to meet Professor Yoshifumi Miyazaki at the University of Chiba near Tokyo. He’s whom I consider my mentor so the fact that he agreed to receive me in his office at the University, is an immense honor. Stay tuned! Lots of picture and stories to come!

Forest Bathing or “Shinrin-Yoku” now on Airbnb!

We are so proud of our Airbnb Experience Forest Bathing or “Shinrin-Yoku” experience.
Forest Meditation It has been a great introductory month. We’ve had people from Europe, Asia and North America. Great reviews, people are loving it!

See it here: https://www.airbnb.ca/experiences/229973Forest Therapy Walk

Find out more here: https://universe-mindfulness.com/portfolio/forest-therapy-bavaria-germany/


Who We Are

Emma & Carlos met online, not on a dating App, as neither was looking for a partner at the time. Carlos in Canada, and Emma in Germany were practicing meditation at the very same time. This App let them know of this fact, but most importantly, it allowed them to send the message “Thank you for meditating with me” at the end of the session. This is how it all started…

Emma began her meditation practice over 25 years ago, she is a certified MBSR trainer (mindfulness based stress reduction) and a trained teacher for Mindful Self compassion (MSC).

For the past 15 years she has taught mindfulness and self-compassion courses, coached individuals and run workshops in her own practice in Munich/ Germany (Practice for Mindful Living) and at various public Organisations and private Corporations.

In 2018, she became a certified Shinrin Yoku practitioner in England. She is a codesigner and guide of the Forest Therapy program in Bavaria, Germany.

Carlos is an entrepreneur of many decades, in Canada he had his own information systems company for almost 20 years, in Argentina he grew up in an entrepreneurial family, with Italian roots he grew up in the country surrounded by their own vineyards and next to the family owned winery.

He’s one of those multitalented persons. Private pilot at 16 years of age, licensed commercial pilot at 20, flew for an air ambulance service in Argentina. Worked in mining in Patagonia, for an engineering and road building outfit also in Argentina. Continued with his healthcare passion by working in a Hospital in Toronto, became a computer guru in a large computerized payroll system company in Toronto. Fast tracking his career from printing cheques in a high-speed printer to nationwide manager of MIS for this Canadian company in 3 years. This big jump put his dreams of flying to the side for a while, persuaded by financial favor and professional spotlight. Moved to western Canada where it felt more suitable to have a family. One day, years later, the status quo of IT and cybersecurity activities got old. He found his way back to his spirituality which was so present in his youth. Meditation made its appearance and a transformation began. Then, he met Emma…


What We Offer

We offer European mindfulness holidays in nature.

Our 3, 7 or 10 day retreat packages are made of two main components…

♦ Mindfulness Techniques

As part of the mindful escape we propose to you, which is the type of holiday that you won’t need another holiday to recover from, we will provide you with long-lasting tools to manage stress caused by daily life. Nature and Forests are our best allies, our Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku retreats will reconnect you with the roots of our evolution.

Mindfulness practice will eventually become second nature and will help you maximize your everyday life, even when facing major stressful situations, including illness and pain.

♦ Vacation component

Fun in nature among kindred spirits

Our venues are selected specifically by their nature as vacation spots, without the crowds and the aspects that make holidays more stressful than staying home.

Exotic and intriguing places where our participants can explore nature, culture and history, enjoy the scenery through Europe (and also soon Japan). We offer a family style, small group retreat experience, half day and whole day trips to nearby places of great significance, either by their stunning natural beauty or by their history and culture. 



Our Unique Approach

Our Vacation Retreats are full of activities for the mind, the body and the spirit.

Mindfulness training and meditation practice could become overwhelming on large doses in a short period of time, especially for beginners. We mix in some fun vacation time, with outings surrounded by natural beauty to provide a balanced experience.

The environment we select for each retreat will induce sharing and mingling, during the tours, during the meals, almost like a family enjoying the food and drinks in one large table. There will be ample opportunities and the space for solitude and contemplation as well.

Upon filling the Pre-Registration form, we would encourage a live interview via Skype with our lead instructor to ensure all questions are answered and to walk you through the entire program and daily activities. Give us a chance to help you change your life.