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Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing

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You have most likely experienced it yourself, how good it feels to spend time in a forest. Especially taking a walk alone, time seems to slow down naturally and effortlessly, as if nature welcomes you home to rest.

The Japanese know it as Shinrin-Yoku or “Forest Bathing”. It is considered there as a form of preventative medicine and it refers to routinely immersing oneself in the forest, attentively and mindfully, reconnecting with its nature through the senses.

Decades of research performed by several scientists from major Japanese Universities have found overwhelming measurable evidence of physiological therapeutic effects as a direct result of this practice.

We do take it up a notch by mixing in mindfulness practice and meditation to allow for each individual’s spirituality to enhance the healing effects of the forest.

We offer great weekend packages, including specifically designed mindfulness and sensory exercises along the trails. Lodging, meals, fun and also time for solitude and contemplation are all included.

Retreat under the canopy

Either for the entire weekend, or a single full day session, participants can experience the splendor of the forest accompanied by specifically designed mindfulness training and guided exercises.

We have developed sensory practices which will enhance the whole forest immersion experience. The techniques we use are specifically designed to open the mind and body to fully receive the healing benefits of the woods. These Forest Bathing techniques will be a long-lasting take away for participants who can utilize them on their own future nature walks.

Our program encourages a mindful exchange with the forest environment through an evolving series of “stations”. All exercises were crafted to help participants deepen the connection with nature through the senses.

Our weekend package includes full board accommodations, home cooked meals with home-grown ingredients and/or regional organic products. Transportation to and from the nearest train station, evening outdoor group bonding activities such as bonfires and experience sharing.

Dates for 2020:

Single Day Sessions:

  • Coming soon

Full Weekend Retreats

  • February 20 to 23
  • April 9 to 12
  • June 11 to 14


Single Day Option

Forest therapy techniques, training and practice, guided meditation sessions. 4 hours in the forest, sensory exercises in 10 stations along the trail specifically designed to fully absorb the benefits provided by the woods. Includes packed lunch and take away Shinrin-Yoku kit.

Single day, long version (8 hrs total) : 75 € /person

Weekend Forest Therapy Retreat Option

(Limited spaces available)

Accommodation: 2 or 3 nights. Arrival on Thursday evening or Friday morning and check out on Sunday afternoon.

Country Home for Mindful Living

Our guests will stay at our Country Home for Mindful Living, a very popular Airbnb destination. After welcoming guests and settling in, we will serve a fixed menu home-made dinner. Before bedtime, we’ll have a meditation session in our beautiful seminar room.

On Friday morning we will begin with our first day Forest Therapy tour along a pre-selected trail through the surrounding woods and along the crystal clear Mangfall river.  After the forest bathing exercises, we’ll head back to the Country house for lunch.

In the afternoon we will offer a mindfulness training session based on the MBSR methods. Dinner will be freshly made in a family atmosphere and enjoyed together at a large table. Some time after dinner, guests can do a session of star-gazing, weather permitting.

Next morning, after a hearty breakfast, we’ll have another Shinrin Yoku session with a new set of exercises. After lunch, we’ll take the group to a nearby lake to spend the afternoon.

Schliersee Lake

Saturday evening, we’ll have dinner at a local typical Bavarian restaurant in a neighboring farming village. Upon return to the Country house, we’ll get a bonfire going to have a bonding experience with the group enjoying some Italian Prosecco.

On sunday morning we will have our last Shinrin-yoku session and a picninc lunch by the river. In the early afternoon we’ll conduct a closing meditation session with a Q & A session.

All-Inclusive Meals & beverages:

Bavarian recipes, freshly home cooked, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks provided during morning and afternoon tea and coffee breaks. A packed lunch or snacks will be offered during the forest walks.

Selection of tea & coffee, ginger water. Selection of Italian or Spanish wines or choice of regional Bavarian beer will be included with dinner at no extra cost. Selection of non-alcoholic beverages also available.

Shuttle Service:

Shuttle service between Darching train station and our Country House for Mindful Living in Weyarn.

Full board accommodations for the 3 day weekend:

from 235 € /person

Forest Therapy and Mindfulness Component

Mindfulness and forest therapy techniques, training and practice, guided meditation sessions in our seminar room at the Country House and along the way on the forest walks. Reflection activities and nature meditation practices. Handouts and take home tools to ensure this experience has a long-lasting positive effect on all participants.

Mindfulness in Nature Practice fee: 280 € /person

3 Night Weekend Package Total: € 515 /person

(€ 540 private single room option)


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