Japan – 10/20/2020

Mindfulness in Nature & Forest Therapy Retreat

Back to the roots!

Seven night Vacation–Retreat in a stunning, mostly untouched natural forest in Japan, the birthplace of Shinrin-yoku!

Mainly beech trees covered mountains in the northern part of the Nagano Prefecture will be the location for this amazing escape.

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing) and Mindfulness in Nature techniques training and practice will be the main focus of our retreat, including a session of authentic Japanese Forest guiding by a local forest therapy practitioner Naoko Ito.

The vacation component of this relaxing holiday will include half day and full day excursions to places rich in Japanese history and, tradition. Private tours lead by a professional, English speaking, Japanese guide will allow us to soak up the sights but also learn about the culture of this amazing land.


Ama Kazariso

A quiet hotel, nestled in the mountains near Odiya Onsen, known as a secret hot spring, and the abundant wild forest covering these mountains provide abundant space, a perfect mindfulness in nature retreat setting.

The nearby Mt. Akashina soaring on the border of Odani village and Niigata prefecture and the northern Japanese Alps stand as the background to this amazing area. 

Even though Forest Bathing does not mean actually bathing in water, this venue provides the opportunity to do so in a natural hot spring embedded in the forest, only a 2 minute walk from the hotel.

The stunning Fall colours will be at their peek during our retreat, this was the main reason for picking this time of the year. 

A special attraction for a “Westerner” with an eye for wild plants and trees, this is a discovery paradise. So many new species in the natural local flora which do not exist in the Americas or Europe, and all wearing their best colours!


During the weeklong immersion in mindfulness and nature, we will visit different natural sanctuaries in the area, and also take a day trip to the mountains near the city of Nagano for a Japanese cultural excursion to the famous and historical treasure that is the Zenkoji Buddhist temple and the Togakushi Shinto shrines.

We will walk a Shinto pilgrimage route with several historical shrines along the way, the Togakushi shrines, surrounded by 500+ year old Japanese cedars representing the close connection between Shinto and nature. Some of these majestic trees are considered sacred, showing the typical markings stating so.

The trail to the last shrine on this pilgrimage route is lined with these giant cedar trees, adding to sense of awe created by this incredible trail.


October 20 to 27 – 2020

Trip planning assistance: We will help you in planning your trip from beginning to end. Including if you’re thinking of arriving a few days earlier or stay a week or so later to visit other parts of Japan, like Kyoto, Mt. Fuji etc.

Flight deals: Flights to Japan are not that expensive anymore, and we can help you find some good deals on airfare.

Packed with activities:

1- Retreat component:

Mindfulness & Shinrin Yoku (Forest Therapy) Program

  • Daily mindfulness in nature meditation sessions
  • Daily Forest Therapy sessions in different forest locations
  • MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) basics training and practice
  • Introduction to Tibetan Dream Yoga philosophy and review of western practice
  • One on one coaching sessions (limited time slots available)

2- Vacation component:

Accommodation, Meals, Excursions & Train Station Shuttle Service

  • Full day excursion to Nagano Town Temples and Shrines featuring the splendor of this rich Japanese cultural history and its deep connection with nature
  • Half day outings to nearby natural and cultural attractions
  • 7 nights’ accommodation (Various room type options)
  • Pick up and drop off to and from Minami-Otari train station
  • Use of surrounding forest and gardens for solitude walks
  • Group activities, creative writing and outdoor games
  • Outdoors Sake tasting evenings
  • Tea breaks with snack
  • Meals & beverages:

Authentic Japanese food provided by the hotel for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks provided during morning and afternoon tea breaks. Selection of tea & coffee. Bottled water. Selection of wines and Sake will be available with dinner. Domestic non-alcoholic beverages are also included.

  • Shuttle between Minami-Otari Train Station and hotel:

Arriving and departing guests will be provided with transportation services between The hotel in the mountains and the nearest Train Station.

  • Half and full day outings to Nagano Town and around Otari. 

Full day excursion to Nagano Town Temples & Shrines. Half day excursions to Tsugaike Nature Park.

  • Accommodations at Ama Kazariso

Different room types are available at the hotel including full Japanese and Western configurations to choose from.

Packages & Prices

Mindfulness & Shinrin-yoku Program fee:

€ 595.00 /person

Accommodation & Food Packages:

Price including accommodation, all meals, plus Onsen (Hot Spring) entrance fee. To be booked directly with hotel.

€ 120.00 to € 160.00 /person /day depending on room type.


Includes transportation, meals and entrance fee when applicable

2x half day: € 110.00/person – 1x full day: €275/person

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For more information about the area and the full day excursions, check out our blog entries here when we visited Japan in 2018

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