Qigong is a therapy with movements in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and thus one of the “5 columns” of TCM (besides acupuncture, medical therapy, dietetic treatment “5 elements” and tuina).

The method itself dates back to ancient times and finds its origins in central Asian shamanic dances, Daoism and Buddhism and was discovered, refined and further developed by Chinese Medicine about 2000 years ago.

Qigong means literally: working (gong) with qi (generally translated as fundamental energy, breath, life, movement).

Through the so-called meridian system in the body, an energetic system (like blood circuit or lymph), slow and flowing movements distribute the qi in our bodies.

The exercises cultivate our life energy and sustain our health.

We can practise qigong while standing, sitting on a chair or lying down. The movements are easy to learn and have a positive effect for muscles and tendons, joints, breath and our stability.

The deeper muscles as well as mental and physical balance are strengthened, and also our joy of living!