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100% Five Star Reviews

5 stars

“Carlos breathes wisdom…

and together with his wife they seem to know exactly how to make people feel welcome and seen. This is an experience to connect with both nature and the people guiding you through the oasis they’ve created”

Laura (Belgium)
August 24, 2019

“The time with Carlos was great…

relaxing on a deeper level and insightful. Time slows while one is engaged with all senses and one forgets all about daily life. Carlos and Emma, too, are very knowledgeable and go the extra mile in terms of hospitality and taking care of everything and everyone”

Christine (California, USA)
August 10, 2019

“The week’s forest bathing retreat in Italy was…

…was a unique and a memorable experience, one not to be missed. The programme was very well thought out with a variety of forests bathing trips to different forests, visits to local places of interest and mindfulness meditation. I feel refreshed, renewed, relaxed and empowered to return to life after only one week away! I wish you the best for the future and many more successful retreats”.

Linda (UK)
May 31, 2019

“The most amazing experience of my entire trip.

I cannot recommend Carlos and Emma’s experience enough. I was by myself and immediately felt so safe and comfortable – the lunch was delicious, the walk was incredible, and the experience and feeling was unforgettable. Every person in the world should experience this! I will definitely be back 🙂
Private Feedback: Thank you so, so much for such an incredible time. I don’t have words for my gratitude and the feeling I am left with. I will never forget this and am humbled by the experience!”
Jessica (Hawaii)
April 8, 2019

“We truly enjoyed this experience with Carlos.

The lunch and tea at his home in the country were delicious and enjoyable with great conversation. The experience walking through the forest was so peaceful and heart-filling. We will definitely continue the practices we learned here when at home, and we were grateful to have Carlos as our guide. He is communicative and kind and it is evident that he truly loves what he does and wants to share it as much as possible.
Private Feedback: Thank you so much for taking us on this experience and allowing us to get to know you and your practice. We greatly enjoyed each and every station in the forest. We have always felt great peace in our hikes through the forest, but you taught us many strategies for slowing down and truly appreciating the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest and everything in it. Thank you again for the wonderful experience.
John (Texas)
March 24, 2019

“This is truly one of the most unique experiences!…

We were well cared for from start to finish. Transportation from Munich’s Central Station is personally provided by Carlos. Once in Weyarn, a lovely lunch was prepared by Carlos’ wife, Emma who is one of the kindest persons you could ever meet. Weyarn offers beautiful pastoral scenery flanked by mountains. Just the respite from the city that was needed. Then there is the descent into the forest just a stone’s throw away. Carlos in this regard is the consummate guide and facilitator for the forest bathing experience. He carries in-depth knowledge and expertise around the research basis supporting the benefits of forest bathing for those eager to gain more information. But it is the sensory insights that the experience itself affords that was so valuable. Our day was rounded off by a stop to a beer garden nestled in a monastery with to die for views with Carlos and his family as the best company. –Rejuvenating, refreshing. . . would regard it as bucket list activity for sure. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! a MUST DO if you happen to find yourself in the Munich/Bavaria vicinity.

Ji (South Korea)

30 June 2018

Carlos was a wonderful guide…

knowledgeable, gentle, and warm. He provided a well-planned but not over planned experience in a beautiful forest environment next to a river. The “exercises” were simple but affecting, something I will long remember and will repeat, I think, throughout my life. He and Emma also provided wonderful food in their unique home, and later Carlos gave us an idyllic Bavaria tour. So generous!

Rebecca (Oregon, USA)

10 July 2018

It would be hard to overstate how much we enjoyed….

our time with Carlos. We spent the day eating great food, sharing about our lives, and experiencing the beautiful Bavarian countryside and forest. Carlos is a gentleman and clearly cares a lot about offering a high-quality experience. The Forest-Bathing activity was restorative and insightful, and Carlos led it with a casual professionalism that felt like a friend. Our time in Munich was short, but Carlos generously accommodated our schedule and even dropped us off at the airport so that we could still drive through the countryside and go to the monastery after the forest for beers and a traditional Bavarian meal. It was apparent that Carlos and Emma are passionate about what they do and are in it to make a long-lasting impact on their guests. We look forward to visiting Munich again but next time at Carlos and Emma’s place! Sam and Melissa.

Sam (New Jersey)

10 July 2018

Do this! It’s not to be missed.

Great way to experience the forests of Bavaria and incorporate some mindfulness into your vacation. It was a really special experience and worth spending a full day of our vacation doing it. Truly memorable and wonderful way to experience nature and a true sense of calm.

Lauren E (Los Angeles, USA)

15 July 2018

Excellent experience! Would give more stars if possible.

I tend to be over-active and unfocused when I do outdoor activities even though I love the outdoors, so this experience was an amazing way to slow down and really take it all in slowly. We had three Americans and several Germans in our group, so it was fun interacting with everyone. The countryside and forest were beautiful and the bathing experience was exactly what I needed at that point in my travels. Everything was very clear, calm and well-organized. The local beer garden was great, too. Carlos picking us up from a central location was extremely helpful. Very highly recommended!

Cheryl (Seattle, USA)

15 July 2018

We were featured in a Lifestyle magazine from Berlin

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We felt so very honoured to be interviewed in our own environment doing what we love

Carlos and Emma are fantastic hosts.

The forest bathing was very inspiring – we will try do it at home. It’s a whole new view on being in the forest. Absolutely recommended!

Misha (Russia)

16 July 2018

We eased into calmness from the first exchange we had…

with authentic and passionate Carlos and Emma. We felt at home cooking comfort food together in the kitchen and walking bare feet in the garden. The walk should keep part of her mystery, but the stories Carlos shared as we followed him through nature accompanied the forest with such harmony that spiders and lullabies accepted his hat as part of their natural habitat.

Laura (Brussels, Belgium)

16 July 2018

An enchanted experience!

Carlos and his wife were fantastic hosts and guides. It was such a pleasure to meet them, have lunch at their home, and spend the afternoon with Carlos. after spending an afternoon with Carlos, you feel relaxed and are better able to let go of and manage life stressors. Highly recommended experience!

Ishan (India)

19 July 2018

It’s an amazing experience.

Carlos and his family is warm and hospitality, we had well prepared lunch, a walk in forest, practice a lot on communicating with the nature or I can say help us back to nature. Carlos also led us to a traditional beer house and emailed more info about forest bathing. I can feel the benefit after this activity. It’s not only given us an experience, but also let us learn how to practice this in our future life. Hope to meet him again in the future.

Fang (Beijing, China)

20 July 2018

It was a great experience…

after this trip you will see the natural surroundings from different view. Really, I enjoyed it, and I hope I’ll repeat it again.

Laila (Sohar, Oman)

30 July 2018

Beautiful experience…

… the forest is a true, welcoming paradise and Carlos was so friendly and caring of us. Strongly recommended for those who want to forget the daily stress and getting closer to Nature.

Alessio (Collegno, Italy)

10 August 2018

Carlos was eager to share this great experience with our family.

He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and gave follow-up resources to apply the practice after our experience. If you are motivated for mindful living and also to connect with nature, then this is a great experience for you. It is not really a tourist activity, but it was also a great way to see and experience the Bavarian countryside. It was a highlight for our trip to Munich and gave us a practice to connect more deeply with the natural places we love. Thanks Carlos!

Nick (Wyoming, USA)

19 August 2018

Carlos is a wonderful guide and therapist.

He has a calm presence, easy to talk to, and he is a wealth of information. His home is beautiful and the food he and his wife made was delicious. The forest bathing was a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. After the forest, we ended with a delicious meal at a Bavarian restaurant with good food, good beer, and good conversation. Highly recommended!

Alex (Wisconsin, US)

19 August 2018

We were personally met by Carlos at the station…

…and driven to his home just by the forest, first for a beautiful lunch. Walking from there, we were quickly calmed by the scenery, the views & the feelings from this gorgeous Forrest. Walking, talking, and doing mindful exercises deep in the Forrest & also by the river gave you a new perspective on the value of the life within this Forrest and brought us a new calm but also energized feeling. Carlos also took us for dinner driving us through the beautiful Bavarian countryside. This was a day we needed, after traveling for 6 weeks it was a joy to immerse ourselves into nature alone. Highly recommend a day ‘out’ of your travels to be spoilt not only by your host & his family but also by the beautiful Forrest and all its energy.

Angela (Hervey Bay, Australia)

24 August 2018

Fantastic experience!

It is very worth participating in this experience. Carlos is a very competent and cordial person, has great technical capacity and theoretical foundation to provide an incredible experience. It was a memorable and extremely enjoyable day. I will certainly repeat the forest therapy when I return to Munich! Thank you very much!

Rodrigo (Brazil)

25 August 2018

I took this tour with my girlfriend…

at the beginning of a four day weekend we had, and it was quite possibly the best way to kick it off. Carlos as a person is extremely charismatic and easy to talk to. The experience of walking through a rainy forest combined with several mindful exercises taught to us by Carlos creates an aura of serenity not easily found elsewhere. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to slow down and take a breath from the quick hustle of life in the city.

Peter (California, USA)

31 August 2018

We went to Shinrin Yoku on the first day of our 6 week-long vacation…

and it was the best way to start our break. Emma did two sessions of guided meditation and it was amazing. Carlos has designed the Forest Bathing experience with very simple activities that help you connect with the nature and also connect to your inner self. Carlos was very accommodating and modified our session to a day that was more suitable to us. They drove us to the Bavarian Monastery where we had some good Weiss Beer and Schnitzel.

Shravya (Nizamabad, India)

5 September 2018

The conscious walk is great!

Carlos and Emma building a room of great energies in the middle of the forest with you and open the eyes for so many little things we might oversee in so many moments! Even if you have an idea about consciousness already, it is an enriching experience to be guided. Carlos has a great feeling of bringing you to your inner-self without too much spirituality, nor any asking of opening up. Moreover, Carlos and Emma are great hosts, great cooks and entertaining to hang out with and to share a real Bavarian experience with. As a German in Germany, I had heaps of fun and did things I haven’t done in a long time.

Nora (Berlin, Germany)

11 September 2018

A warm and friendly welcome…

, wonderful lunch served outside in their beautiful yard, great conversation. The whole experience was wonderful and learned wonderful techniques to slow myself down, truly take in nature and open up to see what normally would be missed. Beautiful trail, forest and river. Bonus was Bavarian beer garden, beer and food amazing!! This experience is a must do.

Tammy (Ontario, Canada)

11 September 2018

The experience was very refreshing.

I really enjoyed the lunch in the beautiful garden and learned a lot from the sessions in the forest. I’m grateful of Carlos and other guests, who adapted to my schedule because of my flight. I’d recommend to anyone who is interested in nature and well-being, or who lives in the city all the time.

Jiawei (Helsinki, Finland)

11 September 2018

I Had the best time!

Carlos and Emma are great People and I am very grateful to have met them. The Food was delicious and Overall my expectations were topped. The Forest was beautiful, and the tour really helped to release stress and start the road to mindfulness and a better life quality. I recommend this experience with no doubt.

Amrei (Germany)

11 October 2018

Carlos and his wife Emma have been extremely welcoming.

Before the forest bathing, they have offered us a delicious lunch. Carlos was really patient with our group of eight chatty Italian girls and accompanied us throughout this relaxing and nature connecting experience. We also got an extra meditation session with Emma. I strongly recommend this experience.

Giulia (Venice, Italy)

17 November 2018

Best experience of my trip to Munich and Vienna.

Carlos is very down to earth and a good guide, plus it was nice to experience the Bavarian countryside. The monastery brewery at the end was a very nice way to end the day.

David (Alberta, Canada)

22 August 2018