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Who We Are

Emma & Carlos met online, not on a dating App, as neither was looking for a partner at the time. Carlos in Canada, and Emma in Germany were practicing meditation at the very same time, his evening, her morning. This app, Insight Timer ™, let them know of this fact, but most importantly, it allowed them to send a message… “Thank you for meditating with … Read More Who We Are


What We Offer

We offer European mindfulness holidays in nature. Our 3, 7 or 10 day retreat packages are made of two main components… ♦ Mindfulness Techniques As part of the mindful escape we propose to you, which is the type of holiday that you won’t need another holiday to recover from, we will provide you with long-lasting tools to manage stress caused by daily life. Nature and Forests are our best allies, our … Read More What We Offer


Our Unique Approach

Our Vacation Retreats are full of activities for the mind, the body and the spirit. Mindfulness training and meditation practice could become overwhelming on large doses in a short period of time, especially for beginners. We mix in some fun vacation time, with outings surrounded by natural beauty to provide a balanced experience. The environment we select for each retreat will induce sharing and mingling, during the tours, during the … Read More Our Unique Approach