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Virtual Japan – Day 4 – Matsumoto Castle

This iconic structure is indeed a must see. Extraordinarily rich with Japanese history and heritage, you can touch and feel the past due to the impeccable state of preservation of this “fortress”, both inside and out. You can almost hear the noises of battle and the Samurai warriors frantically defending it. The original Keep (main tower) and inner walls survived since their building began … Read More Virtual Japan – Day 4 – Matsumoto Castle


Nature brings a sense of normalcy

Spring is still springing, birds are still building nests, new growth is showing everywhere, in peace and calmness. In moments like right now, we need nature even more. It helps us get through crises like the one happening to most humans on earth right now, not by ignoring, looking the other way and pretending it isn’t happening, but by feeling the support of nature, … Read More Nature brings a sense of normalcy


Looking back at Scotland

What an amazing September! Our Mindfulness in Nature and Forest Therapy retreat in Scotland was full of magic. Strangers who became family in just a few days. We all became so enriched by nature, mindfulness and the deep connection that we all have to this one place. A place filled with tolerance, compassion and the common ground that unites us, that makes us all … Read More Looking back at Scotland